Tree Surgery

Tree Removal – Felling and Dismantling

Venerable tree care is all about preserving and maintaining trees, however, sometimes there has to be an exception due to health and safety or perhaps the tree is in the wrong place or removal is part of a planning permission.

There are several ways to remove hazardous trees and we will evaluate the best way for each specific job, guaranteeing our best efforts to ensure the safety of our personnel and no damage occurs.

Tree Pruning and Crown Reduction

Tree Pruning (crown reduction, crown lifting, formative pruning, deadwood removal, Retrenchment)

Crown reduction: Crown reduction can be used to prevent the tree from becoming a nuisance to structures nearby, however a reduction of the whole tree is not always ideal,  other specialist pruning techniques are available such as  crown retrenchment pruning or directional pruning.

Crown Lifting and Formative Pruning

Crown lifting or raising is simply the removal of low branches, either done for; access underneath, for highway clearance , letting light in or for aesthetic value. Thinning a tree is not always beneficial and can affect the health and wellbeing of the tree.  


Formative pruning is when you take out selected branches that are either causing harm or could in the future. They could be dead/dying, damaging property or rubbing against each other, this pruning is particularly important for young trees.


Deadwood Removal and Storm Damaged Trees

Deadwood removal is similar to formative pruning, however we purely take out the dead/dying wood which can be a health and safety issue or allow monitoring of a tree in decline.


Storm Damaged trees. You can’t always predict when trees will fail and most of the time it comes as a major surprise, however, we can come and tidy up the mess.



Site Clearance and Stump Grinding

Site clearance. From an overgrown shrub bed through to larger site clearance of vegetation and trees. We always make sure the site is left in the tidiest possible condition whilst carrying it out the safest way too. We use all up-to-date equipment and methods of removal ensuring the most efficient, safest and clean job. 

Stump Grinding. We can remove small and large stumps using various stump grinders to allow you to replant or re landscape your garden. We can also treat stumps to prevent them re-growing.


Veteran Tree Pruning and Management

This is what we are all about at Venerable Tree Care, we love looking after and keeping historic / beautiful trees restoring them to their full potential. Whether they have sentimental value, family importance, or a true ancient or veteran tree we are the people to call. 

Veteran trees are greatly valued by the people who work on them as well as the owners which is why we take pride in our work. We look at veteran trees as an individual challenge as each tree has its own requirements to prolong its life and we can advise on the best approach.


Ivy Removal

A simple yet effective way to prevent a tree from bad health is to remove ivy. Ivy stops us from seeing any potential cavities in the tree, bad growth points and/or fungi and decay. Dense ivy in the crown can increase the effects of adverse weather conditions leading to more chance of failure. Ivy as you know is difficult to remove, we are here to help!

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