Tree & Garden Care

Hedge Trimming

Hedges just like trees need to be maintained to keep them desirable. Trimming keeps them in check not allowing them to become overgrown and keeping a tidy shape. Some hedges might be too big or you don’t have the time, maybe you are worried you could ruin the shape/harm the hedge. We are here to advise.

Hedge Reduction

Much like trimming, reducing a hedge’s height is to keep it from being a nuisance or overgrown and to keep it looking aesthetically pleasing. We can reduce the hedge to your desired height. 

Hedge removal

Sometimes hedges are in the wrong place just like trees or the previous owner planted unsuitable species, or they are overgrown and blocking your view or light. They also unfortunately die which isn’t ideal, but we can safely remove a hedge and roots. We can replant or leave the area where it once stood clean and tidy.

Tree Planting

Whether you need help selecting suitable trees or physically planting them we have the know-how and ability to help, from  standard trees to mature specimens and  hedges.

Tree Mulching

Improving the soil around the tree by mulching improves the root zone, maintains moisture; from new trees through to specimen trees. We can provide mulch and apply it for you.

Fruit Tree Pruning/Orchard Management

We can persuade fruit production in many cases by soil treatment, correct pruning methods and general orchard maintenance. We can correctly prune your fruit  tree if it is getting too big for your to manage.

Lightning Protection

If you are in an open or exposed area and have a group or a specific tree which you are concerned might become a target of lightening, we cannot prevent lightning from happening, but we can reduce the effect it may have by installing conductive line/s  therefore preventing damage.

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